Tools Of The Trade : Essential Face Makeup Brushes

Posted by hmazur07 on May 11, 2015 at 6:30 AM

Just like most things in life, the tools you use to achieve your goals are very important.

This couldn't be more true when it comes to makeup!

It is very important to use the right tools at the right time when applying your makeup, especially when you are perfecting your base. Fortunately you do not need an excess of brushes to do this.

With these basic three, you can achieve almost any desired look! 


Foundation brush:

Sigma F80


To get a very even coverage with the least amount of streaking when you apply your foundation, I have found that a foundation brush works best.

I would suggest something dense, with synthetic hairs so that you can easily stipple the foundation on, as well as buff it out for the most natural finish.

If you use a natural hair bristled brush, your brush will soak up more foundation than if you were using synthetic hairs. The ideal size of the brush head depends on your preference. Just be sure it is not so big that it won't reach the small crevices of your face, yet not too small that it will take you forever to apply the foundation.

Powder brush:


Since using a powder is important to lightly set your foundation as well as your concealer, you will want to use a powder brush in most scenarios. Unlike the foundation brush, this one should be fluffy so that you do not pack on the powder which would result in cakey looking foundation.


Again, the size is based on preference, but typically this brush should be somewhat large.

Blush/ Contour brush:

Hakuhodo S111BK

After perfecting your base to add dimension back into your face, you will need a brush for adding blush, or contouring if you would like. This brush should be slightly smaller than the apple of your cheek so that you have most control of where the product is distributed. It also helps if this brush is slightly fluffy so it is easy to blend the blush or contour powder as you go.

Picking out exactly what brushes you need can be a stressful task.

With so many on the market, anyone would be easily confused! Fortunately, to accomplish flawless skin these are the only tools you need.

And remember, size your brushes well to make sure they are directional and fit your face features well.


By Bethany Yackel

About Bethany: Bethany is a beauty blogger intern for Hanna Mazur Hair and Makeup Artist sharing her opinion on all things beauty.

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