Never Ending Branding Dilemma or Death to Damask Pattern

Posted by hmazur07 on December 13, 2014 at 4:40 PM

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One of the biggest challenges for anyone working in the creative industry is defining the brand. After all, some of the most successful business models thrive largely due to a strong visual image. (Think Chanel, Apple or even Target)

Coming up with the brand is a lot harder than we think: for a long time it seemed to me like such a dilemma.

After all, once you inrtoduce a design, color scheme, pattern,logo, etc. it becomes a part of who you are, what you stand for.

I was afraid of it: I was afraid to limit myself to something specific, thinking it will limit my market outreach, but most importantly I was not truly sure what I was as a brand.

To be truly honest, I think it is always an ongoing journey, but one thing I knew for sure - damask had to go....I was so tired of black and white victorian pattern I chose as a default template for my website and business stationary (hello million business cards you will never get rid of)

I also knew I wanted to keep my name as a part of  a logo. The easiest route seemed to go with H&M but I knew the law suit will follow shortly. For some reason, butterflies, makeup items and flowers were just too cheesy and combining different styles into the name were too owerwhelming. I wanted it to be meaningful, recognizable and simple.

Desperately, seeking the help of a graphic designer we finally came up with the logo - which, ironically, I decided was not quite me....

(I had the most wonderful experience working with an expert and it was truly her who made me realize which direction I wanted to go)

So... after 2 nights of photoshop and tremendous support and encouragement from my husband, I had a logo.

Going with the idea of golden ratio, fibonacci spiral was a bit of a revelation to me. After all, it is so frequiently found in nature (universe, flowers,nautilus, think Da Vinci Vitruvian Man)... the idea of perfect proportions and the association of perfect proportions with beauty. 

Combining the idea with light, subtle color palette looked visually appealing to me but most importantly I felt a bit finally made sense maybe no of who I truly am, but who I want to become....

Am I going to change it? Probably.... After all, the only way to improvement is a constant striving for a different perspective.

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Reply Tracie Howe
9:09 PM on December 19, 2014 
I like the new logo! And the idea of it. I'll be going through this again soon as well. Not fun and definitely scary! You did well!