Katie and Patrick by Azzura Photography

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These two just melt my heart. Thank you so much Katie and Patrick for letting me share such an amazing day with you guys.

Photography by Azzura Photography

Makeup by Hanna Mazur

Elle and Rosie the Tarantula by Mary Dee Mateo

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This is what you get when you team up with a beautiful model, incredibly talented photographer and extremely well-mannered tarantula...

Loved being a part of this shoot.

Model: Elle

Photographer: Mary Dee Mateo

Hair and makeup: Hanna Mazur

Tarantula: Rosie

Alyssa and Dan by Clayton G Photography

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I absolutely adored working with Alyssa.

Such an incredibly sweet person, and God, isn't she stunning! Seeing her and Dan celebrate their love truly melts my heart.

What a fantastic couple!

Photos by Clayton G. Photography

Hair and Makeup: Hanna Mazur

Kayti and Chris by Danielle Barnum Photography

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As a first blog post of 2016, I would like to share a couple of images from Kayti and Chris's wedding shot by amazing Danielle Barnum.

Kayti described the theme of her wedding "Mad Men meets Seattle" and I could not agree more.

Kayti's playful wedding gown was absolutely adorable, and we carried out the retro theme throughout with her hair and makeup going for pin-up updo, soft eye and stunning red lip.

Loved, loved working with this amazing couple.

So thankful to  for these behind the scenes images where I actually do not look like I am about to murder someone with a brush. Thanks Danielle. ;)

Moira and Jesse

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Moira was one of those brides, that makes you think "please book me" the minute we spoke on the phone a year ago. Originally from Colorado, this beauty has made Seattle her home where she met a handsome baseball player Jesse.

What a gorgeous couple!

I had such an unbelievable pleasure getting to know them and absolutely fell in love with their family. Moira's mom is just incredible! So lucky to be meeting such lovely people and be sharing such intimate milestones with them. Stunning images by The Nerd Birds Photography completely blew me away. 

White Romance Wedding Behind the Scenes (Ruffled Feature)

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Styled shoots are fun.

They are exciting and incredibly important to fuel everyone's creative energy.

They are also tons of work and no words can explain the ammount of time, resourses and dedication needed for a successful shoot. Sometimes it feels like a waltz: everyone is dancing their own dance to the same beautiful melody, united by rhythm and idea...

Very fun...

A couple of behind the scenes images from our styled shoot featured on Ruffled  back in March (yes, good luck seating a model up on an one-inch window-sill) 

Thanks again all the amazing peeps whose dedication, skill and heard work makes them best of the best.

Hair/Makeup: Hanna Mazur, Hair and Make-Up Artist

Venue: Rainier Chapter House

Photographer: Kelly Lemon Photography

Floral Designer: Studio 3 Floral Design

Dress Store: Cicada Bridal

Dress Designer: Claire La Faye

Earrings: Heidi Hull Designs

Model: Sydney Wright - Model

Food Display: Hilary at {{{{placement}&utm_campaign=googlepaidsearch}}}-@@-{{{Ruth's Chris Steak House}}}: Seattle

Cake: Stone Layne Baked Specialties

Food Display cabinet/tablescape table: Vintage Ambiance

Glassware/Silverware/Napkins: Pedersen's Event Rentals

Bouquet Ribbons:" target="_blank">Silk & Willow

Coordination, Styling, Calligraphy: Koordination by Krisanna

Katherine by Ashley Berryessa Photography

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Absolutely stunning and the sweetest, most humble creature with the noble name Kathryn on the blog today.

Of course, huge shout out to incredible Ashley Berryessa for these stunning images and her charming personality.


Sweet Sloane by Nikki Closser Photography

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Due to this job of mine I am lucky to work with the most beautiful, most creative and dedicated people in their field. 

It's even more exciting to see my amazing clients at the start of their creative journey.

It was a pure pleasure to pamper sweet Sloane and so inspiring to hear her  excitement about starting a  modeling career.

She could not have selected a more perfect photographer for her photo-session. Nikki Closser is aboslutely incredible at what she does, and her wit, her sweet personality and ease with which she instantly makes her clients fall in love with her, is undeniable. 

I have been raised in the most loving and supportive family and having a little girl myself, I know I would encourage and help her to reach her dreams and beyond. It was so emotional to watch Sloane's incredible mom Michelle support her little girl at her huge endeavor. Their love and bond is hard not to notice.

Good luck beautiful Sloane and thank you so much MIchelle and Nikki for letting me be a part of this wonderful shoot.

Annette and Dan's Alderbrook Wedding

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As I welcome 2015 wedding Season Brides (belive me, they are so fun, and witty and so unbelievebly gorgeous and I cannot  wait to share their beautiful weddings with you soon), I keep on catching up on blogging about all my amazing lovely brides of 2014.

This one is truly special to me.

I was truly lucky to professionally  work with Dan (who was my former manager and was a true mentor to me)  and through him I got to meet his absolutely incredible -wife Annette, who is just the most incredible person, no questions asked period. 

Then I was able to get on board  my absolutely incredible most talented, dearest  friend  and amazing wedding photographer Cheryl Ford to photograph the wedding, and super skilled Chamonix Thuston-Rattue to second shooot (what a team, I die)...

Stars were aligned and Alderbrook Resort  was a killer location for Dan and Annette's absolutely perfect wedding day: gorgeous weather, stunning couple, sweet, supportive family and friends, B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L

One of the most emotional things to me, was that Annette and Dan have actually dedicated their first dance to their parents. That alone, together with other sweet toasts of thier family had me sobbing in the lounge (yes, I am sensitive like that)....

 You can see more images of theri breathtaking wedding on Cheryl's website.

Peyton Neste TCM by Brittany Moser

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Such a pleasure working with Brittany Moser. Or model was and always will be a beautful Peyton from TCM.

Joel McHale for Canon

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Last week I had pleasure to work with Joel McHale during his visit to Seattle in partnership with Canon.

You could see interview with actor on King 5 live as well as personally meet him and see his images featured at  Axis in Pioneer Square as part of Canon's PIXMA PRO City Senses Gallery. 

Joel is just as amazing in person as he is on screen.  A pure joy to work with.

I certainly hope to see him in Seattle more often.


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Stunning portraits of Rhiannon by April Staso Photography. 

I had such a great time working with this team. Rhiannon is such a  stunner... love...

Commercial Shoot for Reliant Recovery Water

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Now, that the wedding season is pretty much nearing its end I will try to share other work that I do aside from May-October when everyone in Seattle decides they want to get married....

Today I bring to you a glimpse of the  commercial video shoot for Reliant Water I was fortunate a part of a couple of months ago.

Total pleasure working along Jason from Jason Ryan Creative and our amazing models. I cannot stress enough what a pleasure it was to be a part fo this wonderful team.

This particular shoot made me consider buying an RV at some point :) - those are totally awesome and for  prep "set"  by the way.

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Creative Seattle: Serephine: Handcrafted Accessories

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Creative Seattle

Erin and I first met at Get Hitched Give Hope bridal Gala back in 2011.

There I was, standing in front of her booth, absolutely smitten by the beauty of her accessories and her personality. 

I could not help but admire  every single piece at display, handcrafted with so much precision and care, and the passion with which Erin spoke of her work.

Her energy is contagious and the quality of her work is impeccable. Every single accessory is a gem.

In fact,  I want them all... every single one of them.

Naturally I decided to reach to Erin for a blog feature and got a response from her in minutes. For someone who has a busy family life and is currently finishing up an order for Nordstom, pretty impressive. You can admire more of her pieces and see the latest collection on her website

Q: When I first heard of Serephine, I was instantly drawn to the beautiful name of the brand? What hides behind the name?

That's exactly why I selected it! I love the simple beauty of the name, and it's also a bit unusual. Serephine means "fiery one," which I love. I think the name represents my pieces well: beautiful, not over-done, unique, and attention-grabbing. 

Q: How was the brand created?

I got married 4 years ago, and had a specific vision for what I wanted in a headpiece. I had trouble finding it, and ended up ordering something from Australia. It was pretty, and did the job, but it wasn't made very well: it was thick, was constructed with hot glue, and the jewel was plastic and not claw-set. When my cousin asked to borrow it for her own wedding shortly after mine, I knew I could do better. I have a background in dance (i.e. tons of costumes had to be altered, embellished, etc), and my mom sewed half of my wardrobe as a child, so I learned how to sew and bead while young and called upon those skills. I decided to create something special for my cousin, myself, and suddenly I had hundreds of ideas. Ok, maybe not hundreds, but it felt like I was bursting with creativity. I had been working in accounting and had forgotten how much I loved to be creative and artistic, and I was inspired again. So, I created a whole collection, had my husband shoot it on some amazing friends who were willing to model for me, and he helped me build a website. I also opened an Etsy shop. My feedback was good, so I kept going!

Q: What inspires you to create your unique designs?

I think the fact that I love what I do is a huge part of it. I get inspired by the various textures of silks, tulle, lace, I love the sparkle of rhinestones, the elegance of pearls, and last year I started hand-mixing colors and dying my own silks, which is SO fun! I still pinch myself when I think about the fact that women select something I've dreamed up and made with my own two hands, to wear on such an important day in their lives. 

Q: Which sources do you use to keep up with the current trends in hair accessory design?

I don't necessarily follow trends, but try to make items I love and would wear, and many that would stand the test of time. I do like to keep tabs on what bridal fashion as a whole is doing gown-wise, so for example if lace is really big, I'll incorporate it into some pieces. Blush gowns are big this year, so I made two gorgeous blush silk flowers for my Spring 2014 collection. I also love looking at gowns I would wear myself, and creating pieces to go with them. 

Q: Serephine is pretty well known in the bridal vendor community. What would you say were the hardest challenges on your way to success?

Aw jeez, thanks for the ego stroke! :-) I think the hardest part has been the hours and hours of hard work--way more than a regular 9 to 5, just to build my brand. In the beginning, I was basically working for free, as I was putting in the work and countless hours necessary to grow. Also, there are times as a creative person, you may doubt yourself, or at least I did, so believing in myself in the building years was sometimes hard.

Q: Considering the latest trends could you tell us “what’s in?”

I see a lot of lace, and color--especially pink, both blush and brighter pink. Also, short dresses are in! I love all of these trends, and especially the short dress trend, since that makes it fun to accessorize with amazing shoes and a great headpiece.

Q: Brides have been raving about your latest collection. How would you best describe it?

Ornate, yet clean, and elegant.

Q: What are your favorite pieces?

I love my Sloane headband and Adrienne comb. My second baby was just born 10 weeks ago, and her name is Adrienne, my 2 year old is Sloane--so clearly I love these pieces as they are named after my favorite people on this earth!

Q: What advice can you give our brides when choosing the perfect hair piece?

I think really just remember you can't go wrong if you follow your heart. It's your special day, and you're allowed to wear whatever you want. Pick something that's well-made, that compliments your gown, and that you love and feel good wearing. 

Q: And finally, where can we purchase your lovely pieces?

In my shop online at, on etsy, at a pop-up shop at Ivory and Beau in Savannah, GA on June 21st-28th, at more events this season as they fill in, at Bella Bridesmaid in Seattle, and at many Nordstrom Wedding Suites across the country .(the complete list is on my website).

Huge thanks to Kai Lu Photo for there images. 


Creative Seattle

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