Carly and Andy by Kristy Lloyd Photography

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I could not have asked for a more perfect bride as Carly. Absolutely stunning (obviously), she is also incredibly sweet, smart and easy going. 

Loved working with her! Since I had trouble choosing the images by amazing Kristi Lloyd Photpgraphy to feature, there are just so many to chose from, here are a few!

Lauren and Maxwell by Aaron Liu Photography

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A couple of weeks ago I had a pleasure to work with Aaron from Aaron Liu Photography and our amazing models Lauren and Maxwell at a styled shoot Lauren has planned as a part of their first year anniversary. (what an anniversary gift!)

It was truly amazing to work with this incredible couple. Lauren (who is actually a photographer herself at Lauren Ryan Photography) is incredibly fun and witty and I would have kept her if I could. Maxwell was a great sport as he waitied patiently for Lauren to finish her styling and was incredibly supportie all the way throughout. Plus having amazing Rick and Anna as photography mentors was incredibly amazing!

What a fun shoot!

White Romance Wedding Behind the Scenes (Ruffled Feature)

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Styled shoots are fun.

They are exciting and incredibly important to fuel everyone's creative energy.

They are also tons of work and no words can explain the ammount of time, resourses and dedication needed for a successful shoot. Sometimes it feels like a waltz: everyone is dancing their own dance to the same beautiful melody, united by rhythm and idea...

Very fun...

A couple of behind the scenes images from our styled shoot featured on Ruffled  back in March (yes, good luck seating a model up on an one-inch window-sill) 

Thanks again all the amazing peeps whose dedication, skill and heard work makes them best of the best.

Hair/Makeup: Hanna Mazur, Hair and Make-Up Artist

Venue: Rainier Chapter House

Photographer: Kelly Lemon Photography

Floral Designer: Studio 3 Floral Design

Dress Store: Cicada Bridal

Dress Designer: Claire La Faye

Earrings: Heidi Hull Designs

Model: Sydney Wright - Model

Food Display: Hilary at {{{{placement}&utm_campaign=googlepaidsearch}}}[email protected]@-{{{Ruth's Chris Steak House}}}: Seattle

Cake: Stone Layne Baked Specialties

Food Display cabinet/tablescape table: Vintage Ambiance

Glassware/Silverware/Napkins: Pedersen's Event Rentals

Bouquet Ribbons:" target="_blank">Silk & Willow

Coordination, Styling, Calligraphy: Koordination by Krisanna

Noelle and Kyle

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I adore Noelle. Even though every single client I meet takes a special place in my heart, Noelle is extra special. :)

Very witty and absolutely drop dead goegeous, she is one of those people, who make you instantly like them. As we chatted over a glass of wine in an Italian restaurant, I could hardly wait to doll her up for her April wedding in Kiana lodge.

Needless to say, It was absolutely perfect: the ferry ride, listening to the audio book on the beach (because of course I was too early) and then sharing incredible experience of getting Noelle ready...

Adore my job.

The minute I saw the sneak peak by Laughing Willow Photography, I was stunned by the true beauty of the images and exeptional connection this couple has.

True love...

Good luck on your new adventured in Florida guys and congratulations on the most adorable addtion to your young family: little Charles Barkley is scrumtuous. 

Makeup by Hanna Mazur, Hair and Makeup Artist, LLC

Photography: Laughing Willow Photography

Venue: Kiana Lodge

Rebekah and Sam

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As I start writing my hundreds blog post, I cannot but smile thinking about Rebekah and Sam's wedding. Such a special couple. 

How many brides you know are pursuing their degree in computational linguistics and how many grooms propose by actually writing and performing a song?

Melts my heart.

Plus hearing their story about the long-distance relationship (Sam is Canadian) makes their love so much more special. 

I absolutely loved working with this couple. Sweet, down to Earth and incredibly intelligent. Love. Huge thanks to Casey Broadwater Photography for these images.

Always a pleasure to be working with you.

Hair and Makeup: Hanna Mazur, Hair and Makeup Artist, LLC

Photographer: Casey Broadwater Photography.

Monochrome Wedding Editorial Styled Shoot Featured on RuffledBlog

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Thinking about this incredible styled shoot from last month still brings a smile to my face. Working with such dedicated team is truly inspiring and I am truly fortunate to be a part of such a stellar community. You guys totally blew it out of the park. 

The shoot has been featured on Ruffled Blog and you can view the full feature HERE (so exciting)

Tip of the hat to the amazing people who made it possible:

Venue: Rainier Chapter House

Photographer: Kelly Lemon Photography

Floral Designer: Studio 3 Floral Design

Dress Store: Cicada Bridal

Dress Designer: Claire La Faye

Earrings: Heidi Hull Designs

Hair/Makeup: Hanna Mazur, Hair and Make-Up Artist

Model: Sydney Wright - Model

Food Display: Hilary at Ruth's Chris Steak House: Seattle

Cake: Stone Layne Baked Specialties

Food Display cabinet/tablescape table: Vintage Ambiance

Glassware/Silverware/Napkins: Pedersen's Event Rentals

Bouquet Ribbons: Silk & Willow

Coordination, Styling, Calligraphy: Koordination by Krisanna

Katherine by Ashley Berryessa Photography

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Absolutely stunning and the sweetest, most humble creature with the noble name Kathryn on the blog today.

Of course, huge shout out to incredible Ashley Berryessa for these stunning images and her charming personality.


Wedding Wire Awards 2015

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I am beyond excited to once again celebrate the Wedding Wire Couple's Choice Awards 2015.

Thank you most amazing vendors: venues, photogaphers, wedding planners, florists , djs, and other super-humans who make my couples' weddings perfect, but most importangly, HUGE thank you to the most amazing brides and grooms I am fortunate to work with.

Here is  toast to you guys!!!!


WeddingWire Hanna Mazur, Make-up and Hair Artist Reviews, Best Wedding Beauty & Health in Seattle - 2015 Couples' Choice Award Winner

Tips for Long-Lasting Makeup, Kate+Quinn

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One of the most wonderful thigns about my job is the versatility - I get to meet so many fascinating people from so many backgrounds.

So many life stories, so many jokes and giggles exchanged in my chair...

Kate's beauty is undeniable, but what is more stunning about her is her maturity and her calm, almost tranquill manner.

I was truly honored to do her makeup and hair for this intimate photo shoot. Kate designed this shoot as a final "story" of her love to  her husband Quinn before they continue their journey on becoming Buddhist monks and every single images captured by Amber French Photogrpahy beautifully tells their story.

The photo shoot involved two hour hike into the mountains and although Kate was a bit conserned if her look was going to last 4 hours later in the August heat, and withstand the hike,  we were all pleased to see how beautifully if lasted and photographed.


~Prepare the skin

Clean, moisturized face primed with the primer, which corresponds to your skin type.

~Choose your foundation wisely

Smart choice of color-matched foundation, used sparingly and blended meticulously.

~Be patient

Working in layers assures your makeup looks better and lasts longer, rather than applying a lot of makeup at once...

Long lasting lip color with some lip balm for later touch ups does the trick.

The color used for Kate is Jane Iredale Lip Fixation in Fascination (Perfect PInk)

Thank you guys for letting me share a couple of images...

Nicole and Micah

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Nicole... I am so happy I got to work with this lovely person: sweet, funny, bubbly.

We instantly hit it off, and no wonder, we have so much in common.

Both Nicole and I went to Uof O (we do not talk about it much in the Husky territory), we both are into hiking and seem to share the same aethetics for soft, romantic looks. 

As we were playing around with some hair extensions, shadows and lashes, giggling to the sound of Micah brewing beer for their intimate reception in her dad's apartment building in Belltown, I knew  I am really lucky to have met such a beautiful person.

Nicole and MIcah's wedding had a backdrop of gorgeous blue sky and was filled with laughter.

Such a beautiful couple. Of course these breathtaking images by Bethany Small Photography totally blew me away.


Marie and Tom's engagement shoot

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A couple of weeks ago I had an opportunity to work on an engagement shoot with my amazing friend Cheryl Ford and one amazing couple. 

Marie and Tom are newly engaged and are just getting into the whole wedding planning craze. Their chemistry is unbelievable and we all pretty much just laughed all the way through the shoot.  Plus Marie is obviously pretty much perfect  -  so as to her makeup and hair, a bit of black liner, some lashes and a soft lip was all we needed to make her beautiful features "pop".

 Special thanks to Josh from Westland Distillery (the place is out of this world amazing) for putting up with us.

So accommodating. Beautiful people, beautiful space, beautiful team, beautiful images...

Kate and Alexei's wedding

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Kate and Alexei's wedding took place in the amazing Axis in the Pioneer Square. The space is an amazing example of impeccable balance of traditional architecture and modern design. I could not have imagined the location more perfect. for this particular wedding.

Kate and Alexei's wedding  was meticulously planned by the stunning bride heself in the art-deco style combining both timeless elegance and the whimsical details of the era. I absolutely adored working with her: charming, incredibly sharp and obviously drop-dead gorgeous.

For her look Kate wished to maintain the classic, elegant style while letting her bridal party get more dramatic looks so typical for the era. (the bridesmaid dresses were jaw-dropping by the way).

 I literally had to stoke Dave from Dave Block photography for these stunning images. Thank you Dave for makeing us laugh non-stop at while dolling the girls up. Thank you to my wonderful assistants Melissa and Arianna for making the process easy as a breeze. Huge thank you to Kate and Alexei for sharing their gorgeous day with me.

To achieve Kate's look  we used Naked Basics Palette, Anna Sui Mascara, Blush By Terry in Cheek to Cheek Rose, Koh Gen Do Foundation keeping the shadows soft and foundation seamlessly blended. We applied  a full strip of Ardell Fashion Lashes and finished up the look with Jane Ireadale Lip Fixation in Fascination.

Creative Seattle: Serephine: Handcrafted Accessories

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Creative Seattle

Erin and I first met at Get Hitched Give Hope bridal Gala back in 2011.

There I was, standing in front of her booth, absolutely smitten by the beauty of her accessories and her personality. 

I could not help but admire  every single piece at display, handcrafted with so much precision and care, and the passion with which Erin spoke of her work.

Her energy is contagious and the quality of her work is impeccable. Every single accessory is a gem.

In fact,  I want them all... every single one of them.

Naturally I decided to reach to Erin for a blog feature and got a response from her in minutes. For someone who has a busy family life and is currently finishing up an order for Nordstom, pretty impressive. You can admire more of her pieces and see the latest collection on her website

Q: When I first heard of Serephine, I was instantly drawn to the beautiful name of the brand? What hides behind the name?

That's exactly why I selected it! I love the simple beauty of the name, and it's also a bit unusual. Serephine means "fiery one," which I love. I think the name represents my pieces well: beautiful, not over-done, unique, and attention-grabbing. 

Q: How was the brand created?

I got married 4 years ago, and had a specific vision for what I wanted in a headpiece. I had trouble finding it, and ended up ordering something from Australia. It was pretty, and did the job, but it wasn't made very well: it was thick, was constructed with hot glue, and the jewel was plastic and not claw-set. When my cousin asked to borrow it for her own wedding shortly after mine, I knew I could do better. I have a background in dance (i.e. tons of costumes had to be altered, embellished, etc), and my mom sewed half of my wardrobe as a child, so I learned how to sew and bead while young and called upon those skills. I decided to create something special for my cousin, myself, and suddenly I had hundreds of ideas. Ok, maybe not hundreds, but it felt like I was bursting with creativity. I had been working in accounting and had forgotten how much I loved to be creative and artistic, and I was inspired again. So, I created a whole collection, had my husband shoot it on some amazing friends who were willing to model for me, and he helped me build a website. I also opened an Etsy shop. My feedback was good, so I kept going!

Q: What inspires you to create your unique designs?

I think the fact that I love what I do is a huge part of it. I get inspired by the various textures of silks, tulle, lace, I love the sparkle of rhinestones, the elegance of pearls, and last year I started hand-mixing colors and dying my own silks, which is SO fun! I still pinch myself when I think about the fact that women select something I've dreamed up and made with my own two hands, to wear on such an important day in their lives. 

Q: Which sources do you use to keep up with the current trends in hair accessory design?

I don't necessarily follow trends, but try to make items I love and would wear, and many that would stand the test of time. I do like to keep tabs on what bridal fashion as a whole is doing gown-wise, so for example if lace is really big, I'll incorporate it into some pieces. Blush gowns are big this year, so I made two gorgeous blush silk flowers for my Spring 2014 collection. I also love looking at gowns I would wear myself, and creating pieces to go with them. 

Q: Serephine is pretty well known in the bridal vendor community. What would you say were the hardest challenges on your way to success?

Aw jeez, thanks for the ego stroke! :-) I think the hardest part has been the hours and hours of hard work--way more than a regular 9 to 5, just to build my brand. In the beginning, I was basically working for free, as I was putting in the work and countless hours necessary to grow. Also, there are times as a creative person, you may doubt yourself, or at least I did, so believing in myself in the building years was sometimes hard.

Q: Considering the latest trends could you tell us “what’s in?”

I see a lot of lace, and color--especially pink, both blush and brighter pink. Also, short dresses are in! I love all of these trends, and especially the short dress trend, since that makes it fun to accessorize with amazing shoes and a great headpiece.

Q: Brides have been raving about your latest collection. How would you best describe it?

Ornate, yet clean, and elegant.

Q: What are your favorite pieces?

I love my Sloane headband and Adrienne comb. My second baby was just born 10 weeks ago, and her name is Adrienne, my 2 year old is Sloane--so clearly I love these pieces as they are named after my favorite people on this earth!

Q: What advice can you give our brides when choosing the perfect hair piece?

I think really just remember you can't go wrong if you follow your heart. It's your special day, and you're allowed to wear whatever you want. Pick something that's well-made, that compliments your gown, and that you love and feel good wearing. 

Q: And finally, where can we purchase your lovely pieces?

In my shop online at, on etsy, at a pop-up shop at Ivory and Beau in Savannah, GA on June 21st-28th, at more events this season as they fill in, at Bella Bridesmaid in Seattle, and at many Nordstrom Wedding Suites across the country .(the complete list is on my website).

Huge thanks to Kai Lu Photo for there images. 


Senior Shoot with Berryessa Photography

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I am thrilled to share these stunning images of Avery, who is just the sweetest creature on Earth, period.

Loved loved chatting with her and doing her hair and makeup and Ashley from Berryessa Photography completely blew it out of the park with these.

TO CREATE Avery's look I used the following products:

For the skin I used  Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer Light,  followed by a tiny ammount of Jane Iredale Liquid Minerals Foundation in Light Beige  buffing it into the skin.

For her eyes we used Urban Decay Naked Basics, 1 Palette mainly colors foxy on the lid and naked 2 in the crease making sure the colors are thoroughly blended.

I curled Avery's lashes and applied a coat of Smashbox Full Exposure Waterproof Mascara  in  Black

I lined the top lash line with MAC Fluidline Blacktrack and the bottom lash line with Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Eye Pencil, Hustle.

To create a natural rosy cheek I used Stila Convertible Color, Lillium blush.


Featured Photographer: Chamonix Thurston Rattue

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I am beyond excited to have my dear friend and an incredible photographer Chamonix Thurston Rattue back in Seatte.

People who I closely work with know that most of the images in my portfolio are shot by this amazing women and I cannot say enough of her.

She is just hands down the best and I love her to pieces!!!

I am thrilled to work with you on all those amazing things we have in store...

You are an incredible person and an amazing friend and I am so lucky to have you.