Elle and Rosie the Tarantula by Mary Dee Mateo

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This is what you get when you team up with a beautiful model, incredibly talented photographer and extremely well-mannered tarantula...

Loved being a part of this shoot.

Model: Elle

Photographer: Mary Dee Mateo

Hair and makeup: Hanna Mazur

Tarantula: Rosie

Senior Prom Makeup Dillon

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Every year I do limited number of senior prom makeup and hair looks and this year we have a stunner. 

Dillon is just so sweet and so perfect! She literally looks like a live doll to me! A doll with great ambitions to travel all around Asia after her graduations. 

Good luck Dillon. You are amazing!

Hair and Makeup: Hanna Mazur, Hair and Makeup Artist, LLC

Makeup Mondays: 5 Amazing Uses for Coconut Oil

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Coconut oil has made a huge impact in the food world recently, but did you know that it is  extremely useful in the beauty world as well?

With only one simple ingredient, you can replace  multiple beauty products.

Here are my 5 favorite!


­Makeup remover


Even the most persistent makeup is no match for coconut oil. Whether it is waterproof mascara, or


a lip stain, warm up a dime size amount between your finger tips, gently rub the oil over the


makeup, and watch as it all disappears!


­Tame frizz


If you struggle with fly aways, try using a pea sized amount of coconut oil warmed up between


your hands, and then run your fingers through the frizzy areas. Just be sure to not use too much.


You want your hair to look smooth, not greasy!




If you are struggling with cracked heels or dry palms, coconut oil will make a significant


difference. Just rub a generous amount of the oil on the area you are struggling with and quickly


put on socks and gloves. If you sleep like this overnight, you will achieve the best results, and in


the morning you will be left with soft, hydrated skin!




Coconut oil is also an amazing base for a body or face exfoliating scrub. Right before your next


shower, mix 1⁄4 cup of the melted oil, with 1⁄2 cup brown sugar. Using this scrub will not only give


you soft, smooth skin, but it will also leave your skin smelling wonderful.


­Hair Mask


If winter left your hair with dry, split ends, add some hydration with a conditioning hair mask! All


you need to do is generously lather up your hair with coconut oil an hour before you plan to wash


it. While your hair is being deeply moisturized, try to keep it out of the way by either placing it in a


bun, or wrapping it loosely in an old towel. After your shower, you will be amazed at the shine and


softness your hair is left with!


Next time you are running errands, instead of purchasing these 5 separate products, look for 100%


pure coconut oil. It is usually found in the cooking aisle. It will not only save you money, but it will also free up lots of bathroom vanity space!


By Bethany Yackel

About Bethany: Bethany is a beauty blogger intern for Hanna Mazur Hair and Makeup Artist sharing her opinion on all things beauty.

You can learn more about Bethany on her You Tube Chanel.


will also free up lots of bathroom vanity space!

How To Make Your Eye Shadows Last

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Eyeshadow application can be an intimidating process, and not one that everybody likes to attempt.

Fortunately, it is not as daunting as it seems!

Keeping some of these tips in your back pocket will be sure to help.


Prep your base

Just like when you are painting a wall, to achieve the best results, you will need to prep your  base. To do this, apply an eyeshadow primer all over your entire lid and lightly blend it out with  your finger. Using an eyeshadow primer will ensure that the product you place on top will not crease, and any veins or uneven color on your lids will be canceled out. When using a tacky  rimer, make sure to set it with an eyeshadow close to your skin tone, or even a face powder. That  way when you apply the eyeshadow it will blend evenly, rather than stick to the primer in patches.


Start with a small amount of product

A very common mistake that I see quite often is starting off with way to much product. When picking up eyeshadow on your brush, be sure to only pick up a small amount, and then tap off any excess that is just sitting on top. This will ensure any extra product will not fall onto the rest of


your makeup, and will eliminate the chances of creating a mess on your eyelid. Remember that you can always add more, but you cannot easily take it away.


Go slowly

In my experience when I rush doing my makeup, especialy eyeshadow, it just takes longer in the end and doesn't look as blended. If you use fast and jerky hand motions, the eyeshadow will come out looking patchy and messy; if you use a slow and fluid motion, you have more control


and can easily see what you are doing. Work on slowly blending, and you will notice how much smoother the result is.


Practice­ In basically every aspect of life, practicing a new (or even old) skill is beneficial. I don't think I have met anyone who mastered eyeshadow application within 24 hours, so be sure to take your time and just have fun with it. One thing that significantly helped me along the way is practicing


whatever makeup technique I was struggling with right before washing my face at night. If my attempt didn't look right, I didn't have to worry about it because it was soon to be washed away!


It took me a while to achieve well blended eyeshadow, but with these methods, hopefully it won't take you as long!

Practice makes perfect, so don't be afraid to experiment and have fun with it. Before you know it, applying eyeshadow will become second nature!

By Bethany Yackel

About Bethany: Bethany is a beauty blogger intern for Hanna Mazur Hair and Makeup Artist sharing her opinion on all things beauty.

You can learn more about Bethany on her" target="_blank">You Tube Chanel

Makeup Spring Trends 2015

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The other day I was flipping  through a spring 2015 fashion magazine, and I was pleasantly surprised by the majority of the makeup I saw accompanying the attire.


Although I am not necessarily one to work hard at having my makeup be “on trend”, it is always fun to be inspired by new looks. There were two that I saw most frequently, and I  am definitely a fan of both.


The look I noticed most was the “minimal makeup” appearance...




The skin was dewy, flawless and very lightly bronzed with a hint of peachy cheeks. The lips and eyebrows were defined, yet understated. And as always, there were lots of lashes. I think this look  is an absolute staple anytime of the year, but I was shocked at the amount of times Inoticed it while observing the spring makeup trends. I personally am a huge fan of the “minimal makeup” look and am more than glad it is so popular right now. 


The other most popular look I saw was honestly very surprising. Typically spring brings lots of pastel colors into the works, and the lips are very bright; however, I was  pleasantly surprised to see that, instead of baby pink and light fuchsia, deep berry  shades are a lot more on trend. Along with those bold lips, most often times there was very little to no eye shadow with thick brows and flawless skin. As someone who loves deep lip shades, I know I will be sporting this look a lot this spring.


It is great to see that the two most popular makeup trends right now are so simple. Finally, bright lips are not the main focus of this time of year, and fortunately, sharpie brows are slowing fading into the past. It doesn't take much to achieve this spring's  desired look. With a good lip liner and foundation you can easily pull off this seasons.

By Bethany Yackel

About Bethany: Bethany is a  beauty blogger intern for Hanna Mazur Hair and Makeup Artist  sharing her opinion on all things beauty.

You can learn more about Bethany on her You Tube Chanel

Perfection in the Crooked Liner

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The other day I have caught my daughter playing around with my makeup.

As I watched her silently, first I saw  just a seven-year old venturing into the new, unexplored plain, then I saw a little women, trying to make herself look and feel special. I saw myself and I saw millions of other people who spend hours watching tutorials and practicing different makeup looks.

Watching my daugher made me wonder:  If I were to step in and take over, showing her the correct techniques and better choice of colors, would it make an impact? How would it change the look for me and for her? Do the tools and techniques really matter at this point?

Sure...I am pretty confident I can do a better liner then she does, but what I realized that  by "taking "over her creativity, we would completely lose that sense of originality and pride for creating something truly unique and most importantly on her own.

Once I have heard somewhere, " There is nothing wrong with wearing a red lipstick, but are you ready for the attention you are going to get with the red lipstick?"

How many times have you applied your makeup and thought, "did I do it right?" or "What would others think of me when I wear it like this?"

The irony is that if creative geniuses like Picasso or DaVinci really cared about what the audience would think of them or their art, I do not think we would see and admire their work if they did.

We wonder not just at the stunning imagery, but also about the story of it's creation: the creative, the inspiration, the WHY?

Watching my daughter draw a black eye, made me  once again think about the WHY? Why do we apply makeup? If we do, what makes us think the makeup we applied looks good on us? (I am most confident it is not youtube) 

The irony, I think, is that we each try to filter perception of Beauty through our subjective vision. 

My daughter that evening, once again reminded me, how incredibly sensitive and important it always is take into account  person's sense of style, their preferences even if we think it is far from perfect (come on, what is?)

Obviosly, it is my job to steer and guide my clients towards the more aesthetically suitable for them look, but then again, the criteria, I would use to choose that look  for them is still very subjective...

She also reminded me how fun applying makeup really is. It is so amazingly creatively challenging (you never know who is going to be in your chair next), and fascinating in terms on experimenting with textures, formulas, colors.

You always will hear " I love makeup", or " I love having my makeup done".

I think it is the combination of fun, relaxing and personal experience that makes makeup so exciting.

It is that incredible pride of creating something truly unique, by yourself and for yourself to make you feel truly one of a kind.

After the "look was complete", I asked my daughter, "So, how did it make you feel?", to which she replied, "It made me feel special, because I know I am".

Here she is (and I promise, bathroom cleaner was not used in the makeup application)

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Sweet Sloane by Nikki Closser Photography

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Due to this job of mine I am lucky to work with the most beautiful, most creative and dedicated people in their field. 

It's even more exciting to see my amazing clients at the start of their creative journey.

It was a pure pleasure to pamper sweet Sloane and so inspiring to hear her  excitement about starting a  modeling career.

She could not have selected a more perfect photographer for her photo-session. Nikki Closser is aboslutely incredible at what she does, and her wit, her sweet personality and ease with which she instantly makes her clients fall in love with her, is undeniable. 

I have been raised in the most loving and supportive family and having a little girl myself, I know I would encourage and help her to reach her dreams and beyond. It was so emotional to watch Sloane's incredible mom Michelle support her little girl at her huge endeavor. Their love and bond is hard not to notice.

Good luck beautiful Sloane and thank you so much MIchelle and Nikki for letting me be a part of this wonderful shoot.

Never Ending Branding Dilemma or Death to Damask Pattern

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image source

One of the biggest challenges for anyone working in the creative industry is defining the brand. After all, some of the most successful business models thrive largely due to a strong visual image. (Think Chanel, Apple or even Target)

Coming up with the brand is a lot harder than we think: for a long time it seemed to me like such a dilemma.

After all, once you inrtoduce a design, color scheme, pattern,logo, etc. it becomes a part of who you are, what you stand for.

I was afraid of it: I was afraid to limit myself to something specific, thinking it will limit my market outreach, but most importantly I was not truly sure what I was as a brand.

To be truly honest, I think it is always an ongoing journey, but one thing I knew for sure - damask had to go....I was so tired of black and white victorian pattern I chose as a default template for my website and business stationary (hello million business cards you will never get rid of)

I also knew I wanted to keep my name as a part of  a logo. The easiest route seemed to go with H&M but I knew the law suit will follow shortly. For some reason, butterflies, makeup items and flowers were just too cheesy and combining different styles into the name were too owerwhelming. I wanted it to be meaningful, recognizable and simple.

Desperately, seeking the help of a graphic designer we finally came up with the logo - which, ironically, I decided was not quite me....

(I had the most wonderful experience working with an expert and it was truly her who made me realize which direction I wanted to go)

So... after 2 nights of photoshop and tremendous support and encouragement from my husband, I had a logo.

Going with the idea of golden ratio, fibonacci spiral was a bit of a revelation to me. After all, it is so frequiently found in nature (universe, flowers,nautilus, think Da Vinci Vitruvian Man)... the idea of perfect proportions and the association of perfect proportions with beauty. 

Combining the idea with light, subtle color palette looked visually appealing to me but most importantly I felt a bit finally made sense maybe no of who I truly am, but who I want to become....

Am I going to change it? Probably.... After all, the only way to improvement is a constant striving for a different perspective.


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Stunning portraits of Rhiannon by April Staso Photography. 

I had such a great time working with this team. Rhiannon is such a  stunner... love...


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Stunning images of Gabrielle by amazingly talented (and super funny) Studio 3 Cubed

Hair and makeup

Makeup Mondays. Doing your Own Makeup for Photos

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Photo by Berryessa Photography

Image source: web


Styled Shoot: High School Senior Models

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Recently I was fortunate to work with an amazing team of vendors on this super fun shoot.

Of course Rick and Anna from Rick Plus Anna Photography completely blew everyone away with their stunning images. 

The girls from class 2015 were so friendly and lovely that I had to ask them if they had known each other prior to the shoot.

Needless to say, the shoot was a total success and was picked by Seniorologie to be featured on their blog.

And  don't you love those amazing treats from Hey Sweets. Totally mouthwatering....

The best part is that I get to work with these  amazing ladies again soon and can barely wait.

Thank you everyone for being such a great sport.

Now excuse me, I am going to go grab a cookie.

Location: The Feather Ballroom

Hair/Makeup by: Hanna Mazur, Make-Up and Hair Artist and Urbanista Weddings.

Wardrobe/accessories by: Sarah Dylan, Joyworks Snohomish, Jadyne's Room, and DMarie Vintage

Florals/Styling by: Althauser Design

Transportation by: Rare Form Limousine

Dessert Buffet by: Hey-Sweets

Assistant Photographer: Berryessa Photography

Spring is in the Air: Cherry Blossoms and amazing Trish

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I hope everyone is enjoying this fantastic weather.

Oh boy, it has been so lovely outside!

This time of the year University of Washington campus is a peak destination for cherry-blossom photo shoots.

You literally have to shoot in the wee hours of the day otherwise it gets packed!!!

As I've been seing a lot of images shot there, they all reminded me shoot there last year, or should I rather say "attempt of a cherry blossom shoot".  That shoot with Cheryl Ford and Chamonix Thurston Rattue was.... or well... a fun mess.

Altough we did get some pretty good portraits (these ladies are amazing) cherry blossoms were long gone...It hailed, and rained and snowed and we were literally  shooting inside an entrance arch.  You can see our adventures here...(Ironically this post just happens to be one of the most "pinned" posts of mine.:))

Today I would like to share another "cherry blossom" shoot which we spontaneously whipped up and could not have been happier with the images.

Our lovely model Trish (who just happens to be Chamonix's mom) was such a great sport. I wish you all could meet this amazing woman: she is just an inspiration.


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Recently I had a chance to work with one of my favourite photographers Alena Nieves, and every time we do a shoot together, she just blows me away.

Alena specializes in glamour and boudoir portraiture and let me tell you, she is wonderful.

Let me also tell you a secret, she is one of the most talented models I've met (she would not admit it though).

You can see her modeling brilliance here

This time Alena introduced me to Connie - an absolutely gorgeous creature, who personifies a present-day ultimate wonder-woman: working two jobs and studing at the same is a super hero thing, that's for sure.

As I was doing Caonnie's hair and makeup, we chatted over the symbolism of her amazing tattoo and endodontics (thanks for introducing me to the concept, byt the way), I was simply amazed by this stunning girl... 

Here are some images from this wonderful shoot by Alena Nieves Photography

Amazing collaborations. Great start to 2014

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I am thrilled to celebrate such an amazing start to 2014.

2014 brought some  amazing collaborations and  I could not have been happier with a great start like this.

Between a couple of boudoir photo shoots, portrait and engagement sessions, two incredible styled shoots, multiple trial sessions, a couple of big corporate shoots and  number of makeup lessons, I could not have been more thankful to the amazing creative team I am fortunate enough to call my friends....

Thank you so much guys for such a great start ot the new year! 

Stay tuned to see the images of each shoot...



Photography credit: Cheryl Ford Photography, JW photography, Traice Howe Photography, R+A Photography, Alena Nieves Photography

How to Make your Eyes Appear Larger (Courtney's photo session)

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First of all, Courtney is a sweetheart.

Second of all, she has the most gorgeous eyes I've ever seen (and I've seen quite a few).

I'd like to personally thank Courtney for letting me go wild with huge "Wispy" lashes and play up how amazingly big her eyes are.

Here are a couple of tips of how to make your eyes appear larger:

~Avoid dark shadows, especially in the inner corner of the eyes.

~Do not line the bottom lash line or if you do, go for a soft shadow rather than for a precise liner.

~You can line the bottom waterline with the nude/skin-tone liner (white is too harsh in my opinion)

~Do not forget to curl your lashes.

~Go wild on mascara! The more the better but do not forget to comb the lashes through after each layer.

As to  Courtney's hair - two simple, messy, criss-cross braids to create an interesting, whimsical look.;)

Huge thanks to Chamonix Thurston-Rattue for playing along with me on this one and for her always amazing images. Check out her "One Limb Posing trick" and more of Courney's images on her blog.

How to do a Smokey Eye (or 101 Poses in 1 Hour Shoot with Shannon)

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A couple of months ago my dear friend and an amazing photographer Chamonix had a brilliant idea to do aphoto challenge: to photograph 101 poses in 1 hour.

For this one we went for wildly big hair and a dramatic Smokey eye.

So while Chamonix and Cheryl were setting up and testing the lighting, our perfect model Shannon (a.k.a Faith) and I chatted over the perks of creating a perfect Smokey eye (not a black eye).

Here are a couple of tips.

  •   Prepare the Eyes

Always start with agood eye shadow primer.

Dramatic eye requiresa lot of layering and we always want to make sure we prepare the lid properly to make sure we don't end up with raccoon eyes by the end of the day.

  •   Even Skin-Tone

Sweep a skin-tone shadow all over the lid.

This will ensure we conceal any redness/ skin imperfections in the eye area andthat the shadows we apply next will show to their true color.

  • Add Liner

Line both the top and the bottom lash-line with the liner.

If you decide to use liquid you can literally "dot" in between the lashes and then "connect the dots".

  •  Add  Shadow

Using a Q-tip, a detail brush, a sponge-tip applicator or even your fingers go over the liner with a dark shadow starting on the lash line and blending up and outwards.

  • Finish-Up

Choose a lighter shadow in the same/complimentary color family and "circle" the eye to soften the look.

Blend! Blend! Blend!

Finish the look by applying a couple of coats of mascara or a strip of false lashes if you feel really adventurous.

  • Tidy-Up

Use a Q-tip to sweep away any shadow fall-out.

Personally I start working on the eyes first and then finish the look by applying the foundation.

This way I can always create flawless-looking skin and do not have to worry about being messy.

  •  Be Creative!

Remember, Smokey eye does not always mean "black". Experiment with softer browns,seductive purples and even daring blues, etc.

You never know what you might be in the mood for.;)

Needless to say the shoot was a tremendous success. (I had no doubts about that)

You can see the video from our super fun shoot Here.



Photographer: Chamonix Thurston-Rattue

Assistant Photographer/Videographer: Cheryl Ford

Hair and Makeup: Hanna Mazur

Model: Shannon (Faith)

Caitlyn's Portrait Session

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A couple of weeks ago I had an immmense pleasure to do a photo shoot with amazing Caitlyn and absolutely wonderful  Erin -  the owner of Studio 3 Cubed.

We had a blast dolling Caitlyn-up for her session. She is a sweetheart! I haven't laughted this hard in such a long time!

Needless to say I absolutely love the images.  You ladies totally rocked it!! 

Hair and makeup by yours truly.