2017 Wedding Wire Couple's Choice Award

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I am truly honored to have received 2017 Wedding Wire Couple's Choice Award and would like to thank my amazing clients, industry collegues and my family to helping me get recognized among the five percent of wedding proffesionals four years in a row.

I adore what I do and am looking forward to continiously grow  and celebrate my clients.

Thank you!

Hanna Mazur, Make-up and Hair Artist 2017 Couples Choice Award Winner

WeddingWire Couples' Choice Awards® recipients represent the top five percent of wedding professionals on WeddingWire who demonstrate excellence in quality, service, responsiveness, and professionalism.

Shamali and Javin by Stella Grace Studios

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Trying to catch up on blogging, today I bring you amazing images by Stella Grace Studios of Shamali and Javin's wedding.

Such genuine, kind and open people are hard to come by and I am so fortunate to have worked with this amazing couple. I swoon over the lavish decor, the dress and Shamali's happy smile.

Hair and Makeup: Hanna Mazur

Photos: Stella Grace Studios

Venue: The Sanctuary at Admiral

Katie and Patrick by Azzura Photography

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These two just melt my heart. Thank you so much Katie and Patrick for letting me share such an amazing day with you guys.

Photography by Azzura Photography

Makeup by Hanna Mazur

Alyssa and Dan by Clayton G Photography

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I absolutely adored working with Alyssa.

Such an incredibly sweet person, and God, isn't she stunning! Seeing her and Dan celebrate their love truly melts my heart.

What a fantastic couple!

Photos by Clayton G. Photography

Hair and Makeup: Hanna Mazur

Kayti and Chris by Danielle Barnum Photography

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As a first blog post of 2016, I would like to share a couple of images from Kayti and Chris's wedding shot by amazing Danielle Barnum.

Kayti described the theme of her wedding "Mad Men meets Seattle" and I could not agree more.

Kayti's playful wedding gown was absolutely adorable, and we carried out the retro theme throughout with her hair and makeup going for pin-up updo, soft eye and stunning red lip.

Loved, loved working with this amazing couple.

So thankful to  for these behind the scenes images where I actually do not look like I am about to murder someone with a brush. Thanks Danielle. ;)

Chic Urban Night Styled Bridal Shoot - Brown Sparrow Wedding Feature

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Having wrapped up another amazing wedding season I cannot wait to bring to you all my absolutely amazing clients and their love-stories. With over 50 weddings this season, I cannot get over my excitement about how incredible every single one of my clients have been and how lucky I've been to have been able to share their wedding day.

As I am beginning to gear up for next year, I am also taking a bit more time to brainstorm some new trends and looks for my future clients, new creative projects and cannot wait to share those with you.

Here are a couple of amazing shots from the styled brial shoot I was a part of a couple of months ago. It took me a while to get these out, since most blogs reserve the eclusivity of the images before you can actually publish them yourself, and we had to wait for the actual publication by Brown Sparrow Wedding,  so I am totally thrilled to finally share these on my own blog.

When Melissa Miksch reached out and shared the idea behind the shoot, I knew, I am totally in. The whole shoot was so much fun. I could not get over the absolutely stunning dresses from Le Boutique Bridal Salon, plus when can you actually hit all the top Seattle touristy spots with no people in sight if not at 1 am? It was great to have top sight seeing spots to ourselves, Pike Place Market, first Starbucks store and incredible panoramic views of Seattle skyline without actually having to elbow people to get through...

Our stunning model Ariel-Tiana could not have been more perfect, plus a total sweetheart. We went for a couple of looks, transitioning from soft and romantic with subtle hues of pink for lips and soft eye makeup to a pretty stunning fun bold lip and a pretty defined eye as she changed into the Pronovias Gown with a matching  Swarovski Crystal sash by Ariel Jennifer Taub.

Eye Candy....

Carly and Andy by Kristy Lloyd Photography

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I could not have asked for a more perfect bride as Carly. Absolutely stunning (obviously), she is also incredibly sweet, smart and easy going. 

Loved working with her! Since I had trouble choosing the images by amazing Kristi Lloyd Photpgraphy to feature, there are just so many to chose from, here are a few!

Lauren and Maxwell by Aaron Liu Photography

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A couple of weeks ago I had a pleasure to work with Aaron from Aaron Liu Photography and our amazing models Lauren and Maxwell at a styled shoot Lauren has planned as a part of their first year anniversary. (what an anniversary gift!)

It was truly amazing to work with this incredible couple. Lauren (who is actually a photographer herself at Lauren Ryan Photography) is incredibly fun and witty and I would have kept her if I could. Maxwell was a great sport as he waitied patiently for Lauren to finish her styling and was incredibly supportie all the way throughout. Plus having amazing Rick and Anna as photography mentors was incredibly amazing!

What a fun shoot!

Moira and Jesse

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Moira was one of those brides, that makes you think "please book me" the minute we spoke on the phone a year ago. Originally from Colorado, this beauty has made Seattle her home where she met a handsome baseball player Jesse.

What a gorgeous couple!

I had such an unbelievable pleasure getting to know them and absolutely fell in love with their family. Moira's mom is just incredible! So lucky to be meeting such lovely people and be sharing such intimate milestones with them. Stunning images by The Nerd Birds Photography completely blew me away. 

Noelle and Kyle

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I adore Noelle. Even though every single client I meet takes a special place in my heart, Noelle is extra special. :)

Very witty and absolutely drop dead goegeous, she is one of those people, who make you instantly like them. As we chatted over a glass of wine in an Italian restaurant, I could hardly wait to doll her up for her April wedding in Kiana lodge.

Needless to say, It was absolutely perfect: the ferry ride, listening to the audio book on the beach (because of course I was too early) and then sharing incredible experience of getting Noelle ready...

Adore my job.

The minute I saw the sneak peak by Laughing Willow Photography, I was stunned by the true beauty of the images and exeptional connection this couple has.

True love...

Good luck on your new adventured in Florida guys and congratulations on the most adorable addtion to your young family: little Charles Barkley is scrumtuous. 

Makeup by Hanna Mazur, Hair and Makeup Artist, LLC

Photography: Laughing Willow Photography

Venue: Kiana Lodge

Rebekah and Sam

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As I start writing my hundreds blog post, I cannot but smile thinking about Rebekah and Sam's wedding. Such a special couple. 

How many brides you know are pursuing their degree in computational linguistics and how many grooms propose by actually writing and performing a song?

Melts my heart.

Plus hearing their story about the long-distance relationship (Sam is Canadian) makes their love so much more special. 

I absolutely loved working with this couple. Sweet, down to Earth and incredibly intelligent. Love. Huge thanks to Casey Broadwater Photography for these images.

Always a pleasure to be working with you.

Hair and Makeup: Hanna Mazur, Hair and Makeup Artist, LLC

Photographer: Casey Broadwater Photography.

Wedding Wire Awards 2015

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I am beyond excited to once again celebrate the Wedding Wire Couple's Choice Awards 2015.

Thank you most amazing vendors: venues, photogaphers, wedding planners, florists , djs, and other super-humans who make my couples' weddings perfect, but most importangly, HUGE thank you to the most amazing brides and grooms I am fortunate to work with.

Here is  toast to you guys!!!!


WeddingWire Hanna Mazur, Make-up and Hair Artist Reviews, Best Wedding Beauty & Health in Seattle - 2015 Couples' Choice Award Winner

Annette and Dan's Alderbrook Wedding

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As I welcome 2015 wedding Season Brides (belive me, they are so fun, and witty and so unbelievebly gorgeous and I cannot  wait to share their beautiful weddings with you soon), I keep on catching up on blogging about all my amazing lovely brides of 2014.

This one is truly special to me.

I was truly lucky to professionally  work with Dan (who was my former manager and was a true mentor to me)  and through him I got to meet his absolutely incredible -wife Annette, who is just the most incredible person, no questions asked period. 

Then I was able to get on board  my absolutely incredible most talented, dearest  friend  and amazing wedding photographer Cheryl Ford to photograph the wedding, and super skilled Chamonix Thuston-Rattue to second shooot (what a team, I die)...

Stars were aligned and Alderbrook Resort  was a killer location for Dan and Annette's absolutely perfect wedding day: gorgeous weather, stunning couple, sweet, supportive family and friends, B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L

One of the most emotional things to me, was that Annette and Dan have actually dedicated their first dance to their parents. That alone, together with other sweet toasts of thier family had me sobbing in the lounge (yes, I am sensitive like that)....

 You can see more images of theri breathtaking wedding on Cheryl's website.

Wishing You All Amazing 2015!!!

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Super grateful for 2014 and beyond excited about what future holds for us in 2015! 

Wishing you all love, success and amazing adventures!

Style Me Pretty Little Black Book

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I am beyond excited to announce that  I have been given the priviledge to be  listed as preferred vendor in Style Me Pretty Little Black Book

I am even more excited knowing what a true honor it is to be included to such elite world-wide wedding community and what an extensive application process vendors go through to even be considered.

To be admitted into the Little Black Book, Style Me Pretty does meticulous research on the vendor’s “work of craftsmanship, technical ability, and professional artistic prowess.”  

Style Me Pretty Research Team performs extensive background research, check references and even conduct a phone interview (which is about an hour long, by the way)

They truly make sure they select the vendors who are perfect for their readers.

In any case, I  am incrediblty thankful to all my amazing clients and collegues who have helped me achieve this honor and am looking forward to a lot more amazing weddings, styled shoots and collaborations.

I love you guys!

Looks like they have even created a beaty category for me  being by far the only listed makeup and hair artist in Seattle :)

You can check out my listing on the Style me Pretty Page.

Nicole and Micah

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Nicole... I am so happy I got to work with this lovely person: sweet, funny, bubbly.

We instantly hit it off, and no wonder, we have so much in common.

Both Nicole and I went to Uof O (we do not talk about it much in the Husky territory), we both are into hiking and seem to share the same aethetics for soft, romantic looks. 

As we were playing around with some hair extensions, shadows and lashes, giggling to the sound of Micah brewing beer for their intimate reception in her dad's apartment building in Belltown, I knew  I am really lucky to have met such a beautiful person.

Nicole and MIcah's wedding had a backdrop of gorgeous blue sky and was filled with laughter.

Such a beautiful couple. Of course these breathtaking images by Bethany Small Photography totally blew me away.


Marie and Tom's engagement shoot

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A couple of weeks ago I had an opportunity to work on an engagement shoot with my amazing friend Cheryl Ford and one amazing couple. 

Marie and Tom are newly engaged and are just getting into the whole wedding planning craze. Their chemistry is unbelievable and we all pretty much just laughed all the way through the shoot.  Plus Marie is obviously pretty much perfect  -  so as to her makeup and hair, a bit of black liner, some lashes and a soft lip was all we needed to make her beautiful features "pop".

 Special thanks to Josh from Westland Distillery (the place is out of this world amazing) for putting up with us.

So accommodating. Beautiful people, beautiful space, beautiful team, beautiful images...

Kate and Alexei's wedding

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Kate and Alexei's wedding took place in the amazing Axis in the Pioneer Square. The space is an amazing example of impeccable balance of traditional architecture and modern design. I could not have imagined the location more perfect. for this particular wedding.

Kate and Alexei's wedding  was meticulously planned by the stunning bride heself in the art-deco style combining both timeless elegance and the whimsical details of the era. I absolutely adored working with her: charming, incredibly sharp and obviously drop-dead gorgeous.

For her look Kate wished to maintain the classic, elegant style while letting her bridal party get more dramatic looks so typical for the era. (the bridesmaid dresses were jaw-dropping by the way).

 I literally had to stoke Dave from Dave Block photography for these stunning images. Thank you Dave for makeing us laugh non-stop at while dolling the girls up. Thank you to my wonderful assistants Melissa and Arianna for making the process easy as a breeze. Huge thank you to Kate and Alexei for sharing their gorgeous day with me.

To achieve Kate's look  we used Naked Basics Palette, Anna Sui Mascara, Blush By Terry in Cheek to Cheek Rose, Koh Gen Do Foundation keeping the shadows soft and foundation seamlessly blended. We applied  a full strip of Ardell Fashion Lashes and finished up the look with Jane Ireadale Lip Fixation in Fascination.

Shana and Nate

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I honestly have the best clients in the whole world!

If we could measure sweet and multiply it by a million, we would get Shana.

She is just a perfect example how some people are beautiful, smart and so unbelivably creative (check out her Graphic Design Page to see what I am talking about)

Plus she speaks French and that alone makes her a goddess to me.:)

Shana and Nate's wedding was perfect. Even more so working along side with Dorothy Huynh Photography whose images always blow me away.

Hair and Makeup